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" Our Parent company "The Resort Group" is a large international company, which believes in and rely upon a very structured and strategic approach in business. However, retain the entrepreneurial spirit that founded the Group and remains a fundamental part of our philosophy, ensuring it continues to maximize commercial opportunities. This means a dynamic decision making process that steers the Group towards achieving its ambitions effectively."

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We aim to be the leading leisure and hospitality company and partner of choice for the world’s premier resort and tourism groups. This vision will ensure that we continue to be a dynamic, multi-dimensional and financially successful organisation.

At the core of the new brand is a very disciplined and prudent financial approach. This has always been fundamental to us and has been pivotal in building trust within the industry. We will continue to set ambitious and challenging targets to ensure continuous growth in sales and revenue, while maintaining our commitment to these principles.

In December 2016, The Resort Group was assigned an investment-grade ‘BBB’ Corporate rating with a stable outlook by ARC Ratings (a fully accredited European Commission Rating Agency) due to the Group’s strong business model, partnerships with international hotel brands and low leverage.The Resort Group has a diversified range of institutional funding sources including listed products, corporate bonds and a property pre-sales model.


Our success is built on our ability to forge strong relationships with our partners and internationally to create, develop and operate our Resorts. We take great pride in these relationships and we will continue to work closely with our partners and forge new agreements and brand associations to deliver world-class seven star Resorts.

Innovation and Creativity

Whether it’s the design of our hotels and resorts, in our marketing or our business partnerships, we believe in the ability to think differently and to continually explore new opportunities. When we set out to design a new project or embark on a new venture, creativity and originality are at the core of our ultimate vision. We do not simply follow the same process each time, we adapt to the specific requirements of the task to create well-conceived ideas leading to commercial success.

Corporate Responsibility

From the moment we stepped foot in Asia, we knew it had huge potential as a tourist destination. We have ambitious, but environmentally sympathetic and sustainable, plans in the pipeline, which will continue to drive the local economy, creating more jobs and opportunities for local people. Our presents in Asia already make a significant contribution to local economies and offer much needed employment opportunities.